We carry out integral installations of:


– Execution of Low Voltage electrical installations, in all its specialties: industrial and building distribution, interior and exterior lighting, public lighting, final elements (mechanisms, intake networks, emergency lighting).

– Execution of High Voltage electrical installations: maneuver and measurement stations, transformer stations, link lines, energy measurement and maneuvering systems.

– Special industrial installations in areas with fire or explosion hazard, wet and process areas, production element installations, machinery, etc.

– Emergency supplies (generator sets).

– Communication facilities and weak signal.

– Installation of integrated voice-data systems.

– Installation of anti-intrusion systems, fire detection, public address, musical environment, signaling, T.V. security (CCTV), media (TV), etc.

Air conditioning and mechanics

– Preparation of specifications, calculations, relation of equipment and materials for the execution and optimization of facilities.

– Execution of air conditioning installations in all its varieties: comfort of buildings, industrial buildings, offices, shopping and sports centers, health establishments, etc.

– Control of parameters and energy optimization of the facilities.

– Active installations against fire, detection and extinction.

– Automation, control and instrumentation of industrial processes.

– Integral projects of automation of industrial processes.

– Automation and optimization of existing processes.

– Start-up, adjustment and delivery of documentation.


– Energy in the Building.

– Geothermal heat pumps.

– Biomass boilers.

– Energy management systems.

– Active lighting regulation.

– Photovoltaic roofs.

– Minicogeneration, microcogeneration and trigeneration.

– Frequency inverters.

– Load regulators.

– Active regulation of reactive energy.

– Wind farms (high and low voltage).

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