Engineering creates technical solutions and methodologies suitable to respond to the multiple technological issues of certain complexity raised to achieve economic, social and environmental objectives.

FRICOR supports all those complex construction projects that require a designer and manager that contributes to creating value in the productive activity or in the provision of services.

This support can basically be divided into:

Previous studies
Basic projects
Execution projects
Environmental and activity licenses
Audits, energy efficiency, diagnostics
Work direction
Start up
Legal engineering

Previous studies

The previous study includes the work phase in which the technicians formulate the proposals of the different facilities, setting the starting bases and calculation parameters.

During the previous preliminary study, the suitability, description and approximate qualitative and quantitative assessment of each solution is determined.

The starting bases and calculation parameters are established in accordance with regulations, functions, content requirements, requests or customer rules.

A pre-dimensioning through global calculations allows to determine main and terminal equipment, as well as to design the principle schemes of the chosen solution.

It is analyzed on the available plans the implantation of power stations, steps of installations and architectural requirements derived from the chosen system and the needs of architectural adaptation.

Finally, an estimate of the economic cost broken down by large chapters is made.

Basic projects

It consists in the preparation of the necessary graphic and written documentation, describing the systems of electrical and mechanical installations, completing the Basic Architecture Project for the obtaining of the Works License.

In this phase of work the building is analyzed from the point of view of its adaptation to the current regulations of fire protection, acoustic conditions, thermal insulation …

Execution projects

Within the field of facilities, execution projects of the following specialties are carried out:

Mechanical Installations
Air conditioning, heating and ventilation
Plumbing (Production, treatment, distribution, appliances and taps)
Sanitation (vertical and horizontal suspended, necessary treatments before dumping).
Medicinal gases (production, distribution and terminal devices)
Fire extinguishing installations
Filtration of swimming pools
Compressed air

Electrical installations
Electrical installations of high and low voltage, relief supply
Lightning rod and earth network
Security (Alarms, Closed Circuit TV, …)
Fire detection installations

Communications facilities
Computing, voice and data network
Lifting devices
Technical management system of the building (command and control system, security notices, …).

Environmental and activity licenses

FRICOR has an area of professionals specialized in the preparation and management of records required by the administration for the registration of activities and justification of compliance with ordinances and regulations related to fire protection conditions and the environment.

Audits, energy efficiency, diagnostics

Within the audits section, studies are carried out on the state of the facilities to determine their level of obsolescence and life expectancy estimated according to the state of conservation. The report of a technical audit includes the investment plan to be made in the short, medium and long term to maintain the facilities in their optimum state.

In energy efficiency studies, energy consumption is valued and alternative solutions are proposed for optimization. Solutions can go through rate changes, reactive energy compensation, changes in the type of energy used, …

Work direction

Technical direction

This work phase begins with the collaboration in the bidding process of the execution works, including the following services:

  • Preparation of the contest.
  • Attention of the inquiries of the bidding companies during the preparation of their offers.
  • Analysis of the offers submitted.
  • Report of conclusions.

Once the contractors who are going to carry out the works have been selected, the FRICOR technicians can perform the optional function with professional responsibility during the work execution phase. The functions are developed in a double scope:

Technical functions:

  • Interpretation and adaptation of the project to the vicissitudes of the work.
  • Technical coordination between installers, contractors, suppliers, etc.
  • Preparation of details of work, steps, etc.
  • Review and approval of assembly plans.
  • Review and approval of stakeouts.
  • Execution control Final plan review of work, operating and maintenance rules.
  • Preparation reception of the work.

Administrative functions:

  • Control of measurements.
  • Support for the procedures for obtaining official permits.
  • Management control and impulsion with companies supplying fluids and energy.

Start up

The start-up consists of the process of starting, regulating and balancing the different equipment and systems in a programmed manner.

In order to achieve a proper start-up of the installations, the installation company must have a totally different equipment from the assembly and handling of the facilities, in charge of systematizing the processes, compliance with technical parameters and delivery of the facilities.

The technical direction of the start-up has the following phases of actions:

Definition of the start-up plan by work units, indicating the expected time, according to the start-up sheet. This planning must be submitted to the work management to receive its approval before initiating any action.

Management of the work teams of the installation company with:

Monitoring and interpretation of project specifications and construction management.

Definition of regulation parameters.

Definition of the technical regulation procedure.

Use of technical measuring and regulation devices.

Introduction of the start-up values ​​in the test records.

Delivery of the start-up protocols in the construction management for approval.

Attendance at quality control in case there is.

It will also provide technical assistance to the queries submitted by the construction management, maintenance services or other agents of the work.

Legal engineering

FRICOR has an area of professionals specialized in the preparation and management of records required by the administration for the registration and obtaining of the necessary permits of the facilities subject to approval by the Industry Delegation.

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