Our country, with strong climatic contrasts, has become one of the most challenging scenarios when implementing intelligent and sustainable climate control. For FRICOR, one of the main objectives is to implement new technologies that optimize the performance of the facilities and energy consumption. To achieve this we have a human and technical team to offer our customers the best and most advanced options, and thus, to meet all the demands of our customers in all fields of air conditioning. We look for each project the optimal option both in energy efficiency and in the amortization of its facilities.

The FRICOR engineering department carries out projects and executes installations in both the tertiary and industrial sectors of:

– Centralized and individual heating

– Cogeneration, micro-cogeneration and tricogeneration

– Air conditioner

– Air treatment

– Air conditioning and dehumidification of swimming pools

– Controlled ventilation

– Air conditioning with renewable energies

– Biomass

– Geothermal

– Solar thermal

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