Fricor is an energy services company (ESE) whose priority is to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the same comfort and features modernizing the facilities to achieve a significant economic savings.

Why do we need to be more energy efficient?

For environmental reasons, 2010 represented a historic maximum in terms of CO² emissions, with all the damages that this entails:

  • For our environment
  • For our health

For reasons of dependence: “security of supply” is a permanent shadow on the energy market: fuel prices increase and our dependence on the outside continues to increase, currently 74% of the energy we consume is imported.

For social reasons: the promotion of energy efficiency brings about the creation of quality employment and, therefore, it becomes one of the engines for the reactivation of the economy.

For economic reasons: energy dependence costs more than we invest in health and more than we invest in protecting unemployment, also exceeding the income we get from tourism at the national level.

What benefits entail Savings and Energy Efficiency?


  • Reduction of the energy bill.
  • Employment creation.
  • Positive effect on R & D + i.

Security of supply:

  • Reduction of energy dependence from abroad.
  • Improvement of the energy balance.


  • Reduction of CO² emissions and other greenhouse gases.
  • Decrease in environmental degradation.
  • Improvement of the health of citizens.

For the company

Improvement of competitiveness:

  • Improvement of the exploitation account. Savings in the energy bill.
  • Availability of released resources for other projects and activities.
  • It allows to anticipate energy-environmental taxes.
  • It allows to anticipate the rise in the price of energy.

Improves the image of the company as a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Technological improvement of the facilities and reduction of operation and maintenance costs.

Why an ESE?

The energy services companies are:

  • Companies that provide energy efficiency improvement services …
  • … facing some risk in doing so, and
  • They base the payment of the services rendered in obtaining energy savings.

Advantages of hiring an ESE:

  • The ESE manages all the relationships with engineers, suppliers, installers, etc., simplifying the client’s management, which has only one interlocutor.
  • Reduced risk: the ESE assumes the risk of not achieving the savings that it has guaranteed.
  • The project is financed with the savings achieved.
  • The savings are greater than those that would be obtained if the customer implements the solutions in isolation.
  • Eliminates the problem of the priority of investments.
  • Increase the value of the properties.
  • Improves the competencies of the operation and maintenance services.
  • Promotes savings, energy efficiency and modernization of facilities.
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